What is the best age to have my newborn photographed?: The best time to photograph your newborn is around 4-8 days old.  At this stage, the baby sleeps a lot and is most receptive to positioning.  Give us a call at the Studio during your pregnancy so we can make some room in our schedule around your due date.


Do you offer Photo Shoots outdoors?: Absolutely!.  Our location in downtown Pewaukee, WI offers to many awesome areas to shoot within walking distance of our front door!.  We have a lake, beach and river across the street.  Wooded areas, eclectic style buildings and backgrounds with unlimited combinations to create one of a kind images.  From High School Seniors to big families and groups, we can handle it all.  We do offer location shoots at your home, cottage or favorite area at no additional charge.


How do we order?: After your Photo Shoot, we will schedule you a time to come back to the Studio to view your images on a HD TV.  We provide drinks and snacks, get comfortable and view all the images while music is played in the background.  Whoever would be involved in the decision making is encouraged to come.  After you choose your images and products, you pay for your order in full before you leave.  It really is a nice relaxing time and we put no limit on your order session.  Generally plan on 2 hours or so here at the Studio


Do you sell a disk with all images: This is a very common question and we have tried to come up with a policy that meets everyones needs.  We do sell a disk, however, we use professional imaging companies to create your portraits.  We take the time to calibrate our systems so that we can deliver the absolute finest archival quality. Taking your disk of images to Walmart, etc. simply will not give you the best results.  Having said that, we do have disk prices.  The cost of a disk is higher if thats all you want to purchase, lower is you purchase with products, and free if you spend above our Custom Collection maximum.  Call Dave at the Studio for more details.