Your senior portraits are a big deal!

You want to look great, but you also want to have fun. And you don’t want the same old tired boring photos you see over and over in the yearbook. Plus, you want the best possible value for your money.

In other words, you want Studio 360.

You’ll look better—way better—than any other studio. Guaranteed. Check out the photos on the website and compare them to anyone else’s and you’ll see the difference in a very big way.  Your portraits from Studio 360 will be better than you ever imagined, or they will do more to your liking at no extra charge. No hassles, ever!  You’ll have more fun.

Your photographer, Dave Olson, is a National award winning photographer & Artist. His extreme talents and broad experience in working with seniors will help you to feel completely relaxed and comfortable at your session.   If you feel good while you’re being photographed, you’ll look great in your portraits!   You’ll get creative photographs that don’t look like everybody else’s.
Most studios take the same poses for everyone, resulting in cookie-cutter senior pictures. Not at Studio 360! Dave Olson will treat you like the unique individual that you are. He listens to your ideas. He asks lots of questions so both you and your parents get exactly what you want.   And most importantly, he makes the extra effort to make your senior portraits creatively unique, unlike anybody else’s.

Save BIG on your photo shoots by booking early. That’s right, the earlier you book your session, the bigger the savings. Mid summer, late summer and fall session times fill up the quickest. Sunrise & Sunset sessions even faster and there are a limited number of those available .  Many of the good appointment times have already been reserved, and all times will sell out soon. So don’t wait—call today!


Time to ditch the excuses.

Excuse #1: “I hate having my picture taken.”
Many people do. But listen to what Seth Abt from Waukesha North said: “My session was fun. I thought it would be awkward but it was actually very relaxing and enjoyable!”

Excuse #2: “I can’t afford it.”
With big savings on your photo shoots, no minimum order and three month payment plans, you can afford Studio 360’s quality. They’ve held the line on their prices again this year—even adding value to their Create a Collection choices. They bring the best value in the area for high quality senior portraits.

Excuse #3: “My friend/mom/neighbor has a good camera. They can take my picture.”
A good camera doesn’t take a good portrait; a trained, talented and experienced professional photographer does. Would you let someone cut your hair just because they have a nice pair of scissors? Or make your prom dress because they have a fancy sewing machine? Or work on your car because they own a set of wrenches? Of course not. A camera is only as good as its operator—and Dave Olson at Studio 360 is the best there is. Don’t trust your important senior portraits to anyone else!

Excuse #4: “I already made an appointment at another studio.”
Hey, you have a constitutional right to change your mind. Take a very close look at the creativity, clarity, color and variety of the portraits you see here. Note how relaxed, comfortable and just plain good everyone looks. Now look at the pictures from any other studio’s flyers. When you compare, there’s really no comparison. Studio 360 will rock your senior portraits—call today for your appointment!